Human Resources

We believe in the unlimited potential of people. The cumulative growth of each individual at Daikin is the foundation of our success. People Centered Management empowers all team members to further refine their own individuality, achieve growth, and demonstrate their full potential.

Lively Workplace


Fostering Human Resource

Based on the belief that people grow through work experience, the Daikin Group develops employee capabilities through on-the-job training (OJT) and other efforts.


Workplace Diversity

We strive for greater organizational strength by having a diverse range of employees—all genders, ages, nationalities, races, and levels of occupational experience—working to mutually understand one another's distinct values.


Occupational Safety and Health

With the goal of achieving a "zero accident" workplace, we place top priority on ensuring a safe, healthy working environment where employees can work in peace of mind.


Work-Life Balance

We have a range of work systems that allow employees to work flexibly and have flexible schedules.


Employee Evaluation and Treatment

The Daikin Group offers "fairness of opportunity and reward": a workplace where employees are rewarded for putting their motivation to work and taking every opportunity for success.


Labor Management Relations

Because we believe that cooperative labor management relations are the foundation of company management, we place the utmost emphasis on equality of labor and management as well as mutual trust between both sides.

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Daikin provides opportunities and encourages its diverse employees to be open, take on challenges, and learn from one another to grow as an individual and as one team. I believe diversity at Daikin makes us strong and we continue to grow as a global company.

ERIKO ELLIS General Affairs Supervisor (Daikin America, Inc.)