Key Innovations

Daikin is the developer of several key technologies that continue to change customers’ lives for the better. Each one is the product of future-focused research and ongoing innovation. Together, they form the core of Daikin’s next-generation solutions.


Engineered to save energy

Inverter models regulate temperature by adjusting their motor’s speed, versus turning the motor on and off as conventional units do. This uses less energy while keeping temperature constant—supporting both comfort and efficiency. Our breakthrough technology paired inverters with reluctance DC motors to cut energy use by over 50 percent.

Indoor Temperature
Starting Temperature
Preset Temperature
Temperature remains stable
Slow start
air conditioning without inverter
air conditioning with inverter
Daikin Inverter 05162020

Heat Pumps

Harnessing Renewable Energy

By capturing thermal energy from outside air to warm the indoors, our heat pump space and water heaters emit less than half of the CO2 emitted by standard combustion methods. As more countries replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, Daikin continues to expand its line of heat pump technologies—helping governments meet goals for lower emissions and bringing comfort and sustainability to more people worldwide.

Heating Operation
Outdoor unit
indoor unit
Daikin Heatpump 05162020


Carrying Heat With High Efficiency
The only air conditioner manufacturer in the world that also makes refrigerants, Daikin is highly strategic in choosing the optimal refrigerant for each application. As we move to refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP), Daikin is advocating the use of R-32—an energy-efficient, low-GWP refrigerant.

Life Cycle Climate Performance
energy efficiency
Daikin Refrigerant 05162020


Innovation people


We instill a culture of training, mentorship and opportunity. As part of our family of brands, our people have immense opportunity to grow—and the confidence of working in a strong and expanding industry.

Innovation engineering


Today, the HVAC&R industry is craving innovation—and we continue to provide that by engineering ever-more efficient technologies that advance global standards for safety, sustainability and comfort.

Innovation sustainability yosemite


Daikin is devoted to mitigating effects on climate change by promoting the use of environmentally friendly technologies such as energy-saving technology and low GWP refrigerant.

Open Innovation

Daikin's philosophy of Open Innovation promotes the development of new products and the innovation of technologies that lead to a more environmentally healthy world. Daikin offers companies worldwide free access to about 270 patents, encouraging manufacturers worldwide to adopt sustainable heating and cooling technologies. In 2019, Daikin allocated 100 million dollars for use in investments targeting startup companies and collaborating with universities worldwide.
Technology and Innovation Center
Leveraging the business foundation of its global operations, Daikin innovation labs accelerate development of new, sustainable product and solutions.
Innovation silicon valley
Daikin Open Innovation Lab Silicon Valley
In the United States, Daikin's Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley collaborates with the brightest minds in order to create a better environment for all.
Innovation northamericanrd
North American Research and Development Center
Located in Texas, the Daikin North American Research and Development Center (NARDC) creates new differentiated products in the North American market, leveraging all Daikin technologies, knowledge, and know-how.
Innovation adc 3x
Daikin Applied Development Center
The Daikin Applied Development Center (ADC), located in Minnesota, is the world’s most advanced facility for HVAC&R research research and development.

Decades of Innovation

Daikin has supported comfortable indoor living based on the strengths and technologies that have led to the growth of our company to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of HVAC&R products, systems, and refrigerants.
Learn about Daikin’s global history
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World's First Split System with Built-In Humidification Launched

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