Vision & Values

We strive to provide value to the world through our commitment to future air innovations with a reduced impact on the environment.

The Future We Are Working Towards

Air conditioners were invented at the start of the 20th century, and while their arrival revolutionized life around the world, they have also led to increased energy consumption. At Daikin, we envision a future where people benefit from enhanced air health and comfort while reducing the environmental impact of this technology.

Delivering Value

Bringing Value to the Earth

From our upcoming advancements in energy-efficient products to striving to innovate in ways to help reduce the environmental footprint during production and transportation, we are striving for a cleaner planet.

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Bringing Value to Cities

Cities require innovative solutions to create healthy and comfortable air environments that carry a low environmental footprint. We are working towards zero energy consumption for buildings.

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Bringing Value to People

Our air conditioners and filters help make indoor air environments cleaner and more comfortable, delivering clear value to people across the globe.

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Daikin Group Philosophy

Our purpose is to provide comfort and security for all. At Daikin, we believe in the infinite potential of people. With our passion and innovative technologies, we create a sustainable and bright future.
Together, We Brighten the Future
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Resolve Social Issues and Enhance Corporate Value

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Create New Value by Anticipating Future Needs

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Realize a Better Society through Innovative Technologies

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Take Action to Maintain Society’s Trust

(1) Be Transparent to Society and Build Mutual Development
(2) Grow with our Business Partners

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Think Globally and Be Flexible and Vibrant

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Practice “People-Centered Management (PCM)” and Provide Challenging Opportunities

(1) Create an Open-minded Atmosphere and Provide Ambitious Challengers with More Opportunities
(2) Value Empathy for Daikin Group Philosophy and Cherish the Pride and Joy of Being Part of the Daikin Group
(3) Promote and Respect Diversity Management

Our Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to having a diverse range of employees—all genders, sexual orientation, ages, nationalities, races, disabilities, and levels of occupational experience—working to mutually understand one another's distinct values.

People Centered Management

Our culture of People Centered Management is built upon the belief that the diversity and unlimited potential of our people are our greatest strengths.