At Daikin, we strive to meet the world's needs for air solutions by providing clean and comfortable air environments while at the same time contributing innovations to solving global environmental problems. From innovating to develop state-of-the-art technologies that we expect will lessen our industry's environmental footprint to formulating our Environmental Vision 2050, we are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.

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3 Pillars of Environmental Action Plan 2020


Provide Environmentally Conscious Products and Services Worldwide

Contribute to reducing GHG emissions by spreading the use of 1) energy-efficient air conditioners such as inverter products, 2) air conditioners using refrigerants with lower global warming potential, 3) heat-pump heaters and hot water heaters, 4) environmental solutions business


Minimize Environmental Impact in Production Activities

Reduce greenhouse gas, emissions, water, and chemicals as well as increase in green procurement rate.


Expand the Green Heart Circle of Love for the Earth

Carry out and expand environmental activities in collaboration with stakeholders.

Recent Key Achievements By the Numbers

Based on FY19 figures (Daikin Group)

Tons of CO2 reduction through environmentally-conscious products and services

68 M

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during development and production (over Fiscal 2005)

76 %

Sales volume of environmentally-conscious products

97 %

R&D expenditure (FY20)

$ 675 M

Environmental Vision 2050

Daikin aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product lifecycle. We set the target in our strategic management plan, Fusion 25, to reduce our company’s net CO2 emissions by 30% or more in 2025 and 50% or more by 2030, compared with emissions without measures with the base year set at 2019.

Daikin Environmental Vision 2050
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Reaching our environmental goals is more than just a fulfillment of ethical obligations... it's something we are committed to at our very core for the sake of our future generations.

Yoshiyuki Uemura President of Daikin US Corporation

Daikin's Policy on the Environmental Impact of Refrigerants

Reducing the climate impact of refrigerants is central to our environmental policies. We are constantly evaluating refrigerant choices and seeking diversity in our refrigerants in order to select the most appropriate one for each application.

The front page of Daikin's policy on regrigerants

Forest for the Air Project

This project is not simply a matter of planting trees. Measures are also being implemented for sustainable agricultural support as a source of revenue that replaces activities leading to the destruction of the forests; environmental education for the local communities; management of illegal lumbering and poaching; and consensus building and training for all of these.