People Centered Management

At Daikin, we believe our people are our competitive advantage. This belief means we embrace individuality while encouraging our employees to achieve growth and realize their full potential.

People Centered Management serves as the basis for all of Daikin's corporate ideals — including Corporate Principles, Our Group Philosophy, and the Annual Group Policy.

At Daikin we are guided by the following principle: When you empower each individual in an organization to grow and reach his or her fullest potential, our company benefits from the cumulative growth.

Each member brings a unique set of abilities and strengths to the organization — something we embrace and encourage. People are the foundation of our company, and from strategy execution and R&D to production and sales, we rely on their enthusiasm and ambition to move forward as a company.

We recognize that each individual can experience a fear of failure when taking on a new challenge and experience a range of emotions at work, which is why we place a focus on awareness and understanding within our management.

If success of all corporate activities depends on such people, by believing in the potential of people that work there and drawing out enthusiasm and understanding to the fullest through work, people demonstrate their full individualities and capabilities and achieve growth. This should improve the quality of business activities and be the driving force for the vitality of an organization as well as the growth and development of a company.

The approach underlining People Centered Management involves establishing a workplace in which employees who were drawn together in joining Daikin can experience fulfillment within an environment where they can work with a sense of purpose and demonstrate their maximum potential to achieve growth.

There is not a company in the world that does not place importance on people. By making efforts to this end with actual intent, we would like to make People Centered Management one of the sources of competitive advantages of the Daikin Group.

PCM Behaviors

Take Bold Action and Seek Growth - Innovation & Growth
People who strive to grow, challenge established norms, and lead innovation

Build Genuine Trustworthy Relationships and Teamwork - Trust & Teamwork
People who share the Daikin Group's dreams and value dialogue and teamwork

Strive for Result - Winning & Achievement
People who aspire to achieve great results with passion, strong will, perseverance, and action