Our Approach to CSR

Our Group Philosophy is the basis for all action aimed at becoming a corporate group that is trusted by customers and stakeholders worldwide. Daikin uses the technologies and knowledge related to air cultivated over many years to make life on Earth more comfortable. Going forward, we strive to provide new value that makes people and air comfortable and healthy through energy-saving technologies.

How We View CSR


Stay True To Our Group Philosophy

Through the strict implementation of Our Group Philosophy, the Daikin Group will fulfill its social responsibilities worldwide in all facets of relationships with stakeholders, thereby raising corporate value and contributing to the sustainable development of society.


Think And Act Globally

Based upon thorough observance of legal compliance and corporate ethics, the Daikin Group will focus on contributing to society through its business activities. As a good corporate citizen, we will be highly sensitive to the needs of each world region in carrying out our social contribution activities.


Create Synergy Between CSR and Business Activities

We will incorporate CSR into business activities so that CSR and our business are integrally intertwined in an ongoing synergy that contributes to better business performance.


Ensure Full Transparency

We will carry out CSR activities through open, two-way communication with society and always ensure that we are accountable for, and transparent in, our actions.