Daikin US Corporation Joins Companies in Supporting Build Back Better Act Climate Provisions

October 19th, 2021

Daikin U.S. Corporation has joined 16 other United States companies to support and advocate for the passage of the Build Back Better Act’s climate provisions, which provide the greatest opportunity to address the climate crisis and create needed climate policy. Daikin has set robust climate goals with our Environmental Vision 2050 and has invested in low carbon solutions. We expect that the United States will take the necessary steps to support those goals by legislating impactful climate policies. “Both private-sector and government action are necessary for the United States to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.” (excerpt from full letter included below)

The text of the full letter, issued on October 18, 2021, is included below:

Dear Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer,

We are companies that are deeply committed to combating climate change and promoting clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency, and that have taken significant steps to reduce emissions and embrace climate-forward business strategies. We believe, however, that both private-sector and government action are necessary for the United States to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. To that end, we support the robust climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act and request their inclusion in the final legislation.

Urgent action is needed to limit the catastrophic impacts of climate change, which include disruptions to supply chains, damage to public and private infrastructure, workforce displacement and price volatility to consumers. It is critical that the provisions in the final legislation drive down emissions across all sectors; create new partnerships and incentives for food and agriculture; create high-quality, good-paying jobs; invest in community resilience; and advance environmental justice to deliver a sustainable future.

Our companies are acting now by setting aggressive climate and sustainability goals and working actively to either meet or, in some cases, surpass them. We are tackling climate change through, among other things, developing innovative technologies and solutions, which ultimately creates jobs, drives economic growth, and strengthens U.S. competitiveness. The climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act support our own investment in low-carbon innovation and will help us grow our business and remain competitive globally while also meeting our climate goals.

While we support the inclusion of strong climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act, we look forward to discussing the revenue provisions including potential alternative approaches. We recognize that significant investments are needed for progress, but our continued ability to tackle climate change, procure clean and renewable energy as well as invest in energy efficiency and technology, our workforce, and in the local communities in which we are rooted, require our companies to remain globally competitive. We encourage you to find the right balance to ensure our competitiveness while protecting the planet.

We appreciate your consideration of our views, and we stand ready to work with you to achieve that right balance to ensure real action on climate and energy policy can take place alongside strong economic growth and vitality of the business community.

bp America Inc.
Cummins Inc.
Daikin US Corporation
Danone North America
DSM North America
IKEA Retail US
Johnson Controls
Mars Incorporated
Siemens USA
Trane Technologies plc
Unilever United States